Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet love

Just wanted to take the moment to remember....
I was sitting here in the bed having just 'rescued' the baby from his dismay, when I received the best love ever. You see we have been fighting the plague here at the house. Starting with Rhyner, then Ryersen, moving to myself, then Daddy...wait it's Lylah's turn and the last man standing is Ailey! Pray for her, it'll be a God send if she doesn't get it! That said, poor Ryersen has been a bit neglected and pushed off on his schedule. This due to all the CLEAN UP which has had to done. Between catch up from the day I was down, to scoop up from what ends up down...on the floor!! Not that I wanted to remember that but what I did want to remember is this. As I rescued the baby, calmed him and readied him to nurse...he gazed at me. His gaze was waiting for my eye contact and when I did he just stared looking back and forth between my eyes. But not just looking, loving. It was wonderful, amazing that with no words he told me 'I love you mom, I just needed to be with you'. As his gaze moved from my eyes and to my mouth I smiled at him and he smiled back the sweetest smile. It was almost as if he was assuring that he was ok and had what he needed. It was just the sweetest love amidst all the turmoil in the house....oh dear Lylah just, eh em', yah she's still sick!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

We're allright

   We had the honor tonight of being guests at a new friends home for dinner. Might I say a lovely dinner it was too! We have only met and spoken to this family once but have seen them once prior to that. You see for us it isn't often we run into a family who has more than 3 kids; let alone 4 or more. This family stood out to us from the beginning, it was only after they spotted us and decided to introduce themselves did I realize that they may have wanted to meet us just as much as we wanted to meet them.
   After talking to them and finding that we had quite a bit in common we proceeded to exchange numbers. Only to be invited to dinner the very next weekend; excitedly we accepted. Not knowing what to expect, we showed up with dessert in hand, anticipating a great time. Who knew that it would be much more than that.
   Arriving a bit late (as is our staple) we were wisked into the midst of excited children welcoming us at the door as the wonderful aroma of dinner passed. Upon entering we found a beautiful home, a bit cluttered with the things left un-done from the days activities.(Only a bit too much like us)  As dinner commenced there was plenty of conversation. Seemingly everything was discussed from housework to hunting thus often interrupted by a little one....needing something (as is common in our home). The children all ran about enjoying the company, my husband seemed to feel rather at home as well.
    As the night proceeded it was time to nurse the baby. I was invited to the office for some privacy, this after much apology for the untidy piles of clothes I was to ignore on the floor. And more apology for embarrassment of the un-tidyness. Smiling I said 'No,no it's ok, really' (little did she know I was really serious) If she only knew what our house went thorough on a daily basis...and I have an older helper to get things done!!
   The rest of the night was filled with some very heart felt discussions between the wife and I. Nothing deep, just honest, sincere and humble. This is also the way that I would describe her as well. This is the most grateful person I have met in a long time and I am so proud to be forming a friendship. There is so much to be learned from one another here. The things that I am failing at she is succeeding and likewise the things she feels a failure at I am accomplishing. This could be a very healthy connection for the both of us. You see, there are friends that are so much like you that it is uncanny and they are just a joy to have around, you just 'get' one another. Then there are friends who aren't like you. But these are the ones that inherently help you to figure out you...and this is one of those!!
    I really left her home feeling peaceful, maybe even a bit re-charged. On the flip side, I also felt that I left this dinner date feeling as though I may have made her feel a bit inadequate. Maybe a bit dis-organized...I hope that is not so because that was not the intention. I am just at a different point in my life because my kiddos are a bit older. I know for sure she will be there one day too. She has all the right makings! But as for me, to say it best, I was so glad to have met her and her wonderfully normal family. I have finally met a family that makes me feel that it is really ok to just be us. <sniff, sigh>
  In the end we discovered that they have kids that act like kids (just like us), they are human and there is only so much time in a day (just like us), they have flaws they are not afraid to acknowledge (just like us), they are just trying to figure life out and do what is best for their family, using what may work for another family and trying it on for themselves (just like us). I remember so well when I felt so inadequate, when I felt as every other Mom/large family had it together and I was just fighting to keep my head above water. It was good to use what worked for others to advance my own family but I felt so inferior. By meeting this wonderful family I have discovered a lot about my self and maybe I was wrong earlier when I said that we are very different, I think we are all too much the same. I see myself in her (albeit we are almost the same age). I see when I wanted to be 'that' family. I see the compassion, love and gratefulness I posses. Wow, who knew that one night with one family could have been so good to me. God knows what he is doing!  We are not odd, we do not have to conform and we have been there.... Yep, we're allright!! (Just like them, LOL!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is your bed made?

On a regular basis I ask the question, Is your bed made?? You see every morning the children are supposed to follow a morning routine within their responsibility packs (affectionately called 'R' packs). In which they have an ordered routine to make their bed, get dressed, brush hair/teeth and tidy anything out of place before coming to breakfast. Well it seems lately that the 'R' packs have a new card. It reads; go play with your toys and make the biggest mess possible before starting your routine, that way it takes all morning to clean up and complete the tasks which are supposed to be accomplished. Therefore totally omitting the time allotted for school. Insert here...Is your bed made??
I have had some serious sleep issues since our fifth child has come along thus making it difficult for me to crawl out of bed at a reasonable time in the morning. I usually prefer to get up before the kids, so I can be ready to supervise and keep the littler ones on task. You see our last has reflux and in the process of getting that under control it has really messed with any sort of sleep/wake thing he should have for a 6 month old. Let's just say he wants to eat every hour...it makes him feel better. We are getting better at a schedule now that he isn't erping everything up, every time he eats!
That said, I wake up but my body keeps telling me 'NOOOOO please don't make me get up!' So by the time I finally crawl out of bed, my crew is up in full force. As usual I make my bed and head off into their rooms. Lately to find them, UH! Where else but the playroom! So I ask "Are your beds made?" NEVER-they are NEVER made! So in starts the morning to which we are cleaning instead of schooling once again!
 Today was sheet day. Ya know, take off the dirty ones and put new ones on. This is always a fiasco. All the sheets come off but no-one seems to be able to get them back on (no blame here. They do have bunks and a 4 yr old is on the bottom) They throw everything into this huge heap in the middle of their room. The heap includes...pillows,toys, stuffed animals,sheets,books-you name it! Well, this time I had to wash my eldests comforter. Courtesy of her brother who got liquid foundation all over it the day prior..that is a whole other story! All over him, the bed, the shams, his clothes...I have pictures!
Sheet exchange- well, it turned into an all day affair. The little girls comforters got mixed up. One apparently had a pee spot from where her brothers' diaper had leaked. So no-one knew which one it was (they all have matching comforters) SO, I had to wash them all! Yea! More work for me! Then while I was trying to get the sheets changed on the boys beds, my little girls (left un-supervised, are jumping off the top bunk into their 'heap' of sheets...having a grand ole' time mind you!!) So between trying to change the sheets and picking up the treasure trove of crap they had stashed in their beds, NOTHING else productive got accomplished today! Sigh....One day we will get everything back on track and I will hear "Yes Mommy, our beds are made!"