Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting started

     Well, I suppose it is time to make my first post.... Although, things are not just as they should be.What I am trying to say is that I am a bit OCD! I really think that this whole blog thing needed to be just in such an order that all I would need to do is, write and keep things organized. Well it's not there yet. I am a bit computer illiterate. I am really having difficulties getting things to look exactly as I have them imagined. Mainly because I lack the understanding and the time. My well meaning father equipped me with a book on HTML and CSS, sounds great if I could also find the time to dig into it. It is supposed to be an idiots guide BUT I guess I will never find out. So back to the fact that I have no time, it will just have to be a point and click - figure out by error kind of work! Although that being said it really saves me no more time, uh! (smirk!)

     As I begin this adventure on an offset point. I am really here to give a shot at recording life, as I share the triumphs and trials of our own situations. Somewhere along the line I am sure that this will be helpful to many others. You see, as I was looking for a blog to share in, I was wanting someone who was knee deep in the similar situations that I am. I just needed someone to relate to. I really needed to know that there were others out there Just Like Me. So as I begin this adventure feet first,  I hope this is a blog that we can all share in. Something to enjoy the tender moments and precious God given wisdom, that will soon be forgotten about our precious family.

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