Monday, October 3, 2011

The tree of life

I had the opportunity today to have a chat with an old friend. Really makes the mind wander. In this case it was, what might have been? You know, where would you have ended up if you hadn't made the decisions at hand, at the moment they were presented?

Thus prompting this analogy. I look at our existence as a tree of life. In life we start out small and as we grow we are faced with many, sometimes daunting decisions. This much like a tree. If you were to look up a tree trunk eventually you would come to a split in the bark (or choice). At that split you have the option to continue on to the next branch or take the turn and opt for a new path in the bark. Then after a short while you are posed with another fork in the bark and yet another branch. All possibly leading back together somewhere. Or maybe never meeting again.

This is the way I see life. God allows us to be the finishers of our own fate. He has created a very intelligent being who is capable of thoughtful, yet also rash decisions. Thus getting us to where we are today.

Have you ever made a choice and wished you could take it back? Or maybe never made the choice and wish you could go back and give it a try?

Where would it have taken you? Where might you have ended up? In turn would you still be where you are today. Well I do believe, for some choices, No. Then others absolutely, YES!

You see. Even though God has allowed us to be finishers of our fate, I also believe he looks out for our best interest and will intervene when necessary.  He is the ultimate author and finisher of our fate. We may make decisions that ultimately steer us awry but he will gladly help us back onto the projected path. Right where we were supposed to be in the first place.

In my life there are choices I wish I didn't make, God kept me safe. Then, there were choices I wish I had made differently. These are the ones I look back on today which set me wondering. Making me ask, did I make the right decision to not take that path and would I still have ended up where I am now? Making me wish I would have gone back to just try it before my final choice was set in stone. Did I miss out on an important lesson or feeling. Would that still have led to where I am now.

Did I miss out on, what might have been?

Because IS this where I am supposed to be? Because this IS where I am supposed to be!

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