Saturday, April 9, 2011


      So, I went shopping to actually buy something for myself today...and my oldest Maesyn came along. As I tried things on she kept telling me, "Ya Mom,  I like that looks... mom-like!" Uh!! What does that mean???? Am I really getting that old? You see I am a very classic dresser. I stay away from the trends and just wear the 'classic' styles...mostly things that don't make me stand out too much. Yet still allow me to look presentable!
      Maesyn, on the other hand is very flashy. Ailey likes to say 'Why do you always have to look so fancy??'. No, really, Maesyn is always dressed to the hilt complete with earrings, jewelry, shoes (lately out of my closet!) and perfume. We could be going to the gym and she would do this! She also likes to keep up with the trends, which is so very not me....matter of fact, it drives me crazy! We are so opposite in this area! I just can't stand the new trends. I am not sure if this is due to the fact that I spent most of my formative years in the 80's or what, but high tops, leggings and loud colors MAKE ME SICK!! She always wants to know if I like something on her. I leave it with this 'I don't have to wear it, if you like it then that's fine'.  Ewww, some of the stuff looks hideous, good on her though I must admit!! Just not my thing and of course it always has to be within reason for me to o.k it for purchase! Even then we will get it home and she has to mix and match it and make it her own! Stylin' girl I tell you! You should see her when she makes up a new outfit, she'll come prancing...yes, prancing into my room for approval. "Mom, how does this look, you like it?" (with a spin and a fluff of the hair) I just smile and shake my head...what a diva! Good thing I have Ailey, she is a classic dresser like her Mama! Might keep me sane! I suppose I really know I am getting old when a young guy at the grocery store (old enough to buy beer) called me Ma'am!! <smirk/smile>LOL! Hmmm, old??

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