Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where has the time gone??

Wow, just to think that my little guy will be 7 months in just a couple days amazes me. It seems like just yesterday we put our 'Windsor Way' house on the market , Shaun lost his job and then we found out we were expecting him. All in just a couple weeks of each other, left us wondering what to do. Life has surely passed us by. Just 7 months ago today we purchased a new home, moved in and then gave birth to Ryersen, after just one night in the new house. None of the other kids even stayed in the house until after we came home from the hospital. Ryersen is now almost crawling, laughing and babbling like crazy. He is so rotten! He is held or attended to all of the time. Which is not a hard thing to do in our house. You figure when there are 6 other people to hold or attend to you in some way and each one does it for a mere hour (intermittently) during our day. That is 6 hours of his day completely paid attention to. Then the other few hours he is sleeping! Never a dull moment for him!
 Lately I have been really considering whether or not another one will be in our future. Up until this point when I was asked 'are you done yet?' I said confidently, ' No'. I have really felt as though we have depended on God to manage that for us. I have never even considered any contraception. I wasn't sure if it was even the right path for us. Until now. One more would be fantastic. Everyone in the house is all for it, except for my body. I am so tired this go 'round, not just a regular tired an exhaustive tired. After Ryersen was born, I was really concerned that my body just couldn't survive another pregnancy. It is so aggravating to not be able to be there for my children..I feel sick. As time wears on I hope that things will become clear. I hope this exhaustiveness will resolve itself and we can make and honest decision on whether to move onto a new chapter of our life. When there will be no more little ones in our future...kind of a sad thought for me. But happy in that we will be beginning what will be our forever family.

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